Web Research

At the Art Institute of Dallas, I taught web design and development. One thing about teaching technology is that it is a moving target. Just when you have mastered one technique, another comes into vogue. I thought I might use this blog, since it was just here laying around doing nothing, to keep up with some of the research I do. Some of the topics I am interested in are basic. Things like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Others are general, like interface design and user experience. Still, others are more technical, like AngularJS MVC.

Speaking of Angular, I can go ahead and put this blog to work. I was interested to see if there was any critique of Angular on the web. I found one and it discussed the crossover between presentation languages and behavioral languages. It was interesting, but more interesting to me was that the author is in the process of creating an alternative to angular called jqcomponents and is based on jQuery. I want to give that a try. The link is here: jqcomponents