Planning: The Parable of Two

My wife and I decided to go the grocery store. Before we went, we made a careful plan of what to buy and then out we went.

Sadly, while we both wanted to buy groceries and agreed on what to buy, we had two different assumptions about what else we wanted to accomplish. Namely, my wife wanted to buy as cheaply as possible, while I wanted to save as much time as possible.

My goal was to go to the closest grocery store, buy everything as quickly as possible and leave.

Her goal was to buy every item on the list for the cheapest possible price and so to do that she needed to shop at multiple stores. No need to say it, but that took a lot more time.

Her goal: buy groceries as cheaply as possible.
My goal: buy groceries as quickly as possible.

I forced it to go my way. Then when we got home, and she got really mad and beat me horribly. Now, I am in a men’s shelter for the domestically abused.

DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! When your teams begins to plan, ensure you understand the various values, assumptions, and beliefs of your team members so you can plan accordingly and avoid them beating you after the fact.