Ideas over Logic

It takes time to build a logical solution, but ideas can be generated quickly.
Considering that fitness functions and truth functions are not necessarily identical, should we make ideas wait for logic to support them?

I don’t mean to say that if you have an idea you should not logically analyze it. What I mean is, should you discount an idea because it is logically impossible?

Wouldn’t a philosopher say: yes, if something is logically impossible it should be eliminated?

Now, let’s go back to truth functions, versus fitness functions.

I know that my interfaces are exactly that: interfaces. I do not see reality as it actually is. I see it through shortcuts. Is logic one such shortcut?

Why is logic necessary at all? I think most people would tell you, if they were honest, they hardly ever use it. And most people get by just fine without it. Why?

Simple: they have ideas and they test them empirically. Logic is not necessary for this.

I have an idea right now. My idea is to go eat eggs at Waffle House. That idea came from Melissa. I like the idea, so I’m going to Waffle House to eat eggs. You might say, well there is some logic. Yes, but I retrofitted it.

Dave: “I said, Ok, all right.”
Melissa: “You said, All right, fine.”

Both people are telling the truth.