Adding a Technical Credential

I saw this question today on Premium:

How canĀ I best add supplementary technical education to my resume that will be considered as legitimate by a recruiter?

This is a great question a lot of people are having since technical knowledge in such demand. Here is my answer:

  • Vendor accreditation. Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe. Fast, inexpensive. Pass a 100 dollar test.

Microsoft Certified Professional

  • An online certificate from a regionally accredited university. Our accrediting body here is SACS. Any school with that accreditation is well regarded. Western Governor’s University is a good example, there are others.

WGU Online Masters in Data Analytics

  • A coding bootcamp. Being able to write and speak fluently about data analytics with SQL queries speaks for itself, and it should result in a credential also.

The Iron Yard

  • A nanodegree. Industry recognized.

Udacity Nanodegrees

  • Harvard Ed-X CS50 Completion

Harvard CS50

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